Our Investment Criteria

Clear Product and Service Need:

We invest in companies developing products or services that address inefficiencies and needs in the market.

Excellent Management Team:

The competence and quality of a management team is a crucial factor determining the overall success of a company. We play an active role by leveraging on our human capital network and advisory relationships to attract additional top-tier talents.

Commercially Viable Business Model:

Business model is the means by which entrepreneurs develop profitable businesses. A company’s business model must be commercially viable, scalable and allow it to have a sustainable competitive advantage in the global market.

Clear Exit Strategy:

Timing and access to the right buyers are critical if one is to successfully harvest the value of a company. We prefer to invest in companies that have the potential to achieve an exit within three to five years. Entrepreneurs should share our objectives of quick growth over the time horizon leading to a well-thought through exit strategy.

Singapore’s Value:

We are more than a financial investor. We invest in companies where we can enhance the value of the company’s operations. For instance, our portfolio companies can leverage on Singapore’s unique position as a regional hub in sustainable R&D, Manufacturing and business operations to reach out to regional and global markets.