Submit Business Plan

Working with entrepreneurs and businesses is our passion. If you fit into our investment criteria and your business is in one of our focus sectors, we would like to receive your executive summary.

Here is the process for submitting your executive summary:

Step 1: Create an Effective Executive Summary

An effective Executive Summary is typically one to two pages long and answers the following questions:

  1. What is your business, business model and main source of revenue?

  2. What needs are you fulfilling or what problems are you solving?

  3. Who are your main customers?

  4. Who are your main competitors?

  5. Who are your key management?

  6. Where are your key markets?

  7. What is the status of your development?

  8. How much money are you raising?

  9. What is your target valuation?

  10. Who are your current investors?

Step 2: Executive Summary Submission

Please key in your particulars, contact details and choose the focus sectors you think your business will fit into.

  Business Description        
  Name Of Company        
  Contact Number        
   Contact Email    
  Focus Sectors        
  Stage Of Development        
  File to upload      

Please note that we do not sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for business summaries and plans that we receive. You should only include information which you deem to be non-confidential. By submitting information to EDBI, you agree to the foregoing terms, and our terms of use.

Once your executive summary is submitted, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt from us.

Note: Limit of up to 5MB for file upload.

Step 3: Review Process

An investment manager will be assigned to review your executive summary. If your business is a potential fit with our investment objectives, you may be invited for a face to face meeting with us.