Core Values


  • Singapore First

    What we do has a direct impact on the development of Singapore’s growth and industries. We endeavour to create value for all stakeholders to advance Singapore’s interest, which is paramount.

  • unity

    We are a team with diverse strengths working towards a common goal, working together to realize our vision. We do this through our people, who are our most valuable assets.

  • Passion

    We are dedicated, passionate and show utmost pride in our work, with a strong sense of ownership, responsibility and efficiency. We build trust and develop lasting relationships with our colleagues and business partners.

  • excellence

    We consistently strive for excellence in whatever we do. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, honesty, integrity and conduct. We are committed and will persevere to deliver results.

  • Respect

    We value each member of our team and appreciate each other’s views and contributions. We treat each other with respect, in an environment that is trusting and co-operative.

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