Corporate Profile



We aim to be the premier investor supporting the future economic pillars of Singapore.


We invest in globally competitive businesses to create successful, sustainable industries and to achieve long-term shareholder value.



Headquartered in Singapore, we invest to shape the future industries of Singapore in the knowledge and innovation-intensive sectors of Information & Communication Technology, Emerging Technology, Healthcare and select industry clusters under our Strategic Growth Programme.

As a value adding investor with over 25 years of investment experience, we support our portfolio companies’ growth in Asia and globally, through Singapore by leveraging our extensive network, resources and experience.

  • Our portfolio companies value our long-term perspective beyond typical investment cycles.
  • Our portfolio companies leverage our extensive knowledge of Asian and Singaporean operating environments, scientific and technical expertise, rich management and commercial experience for new business opportunities.
  • Beyond the positive association with the Singapore brand, our portfolio companies also flourish within Singapore’s dynamic and secure business environment, and enjoy strong government support.

Through our portfolio of globally competitive companies with high-growth potential, we promote the development, expansion and transformation of successful industries to enhance economic growth and create employment opportunities in Singapore.

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